Who is the dog in the State Farm commercial

The dog featured in the State Farm commercial is actor Tony Cavalero’s four-year-old Wheaten Terrier, named Jax. Jax has been a professional actor for two years now and continues to appear in several commercials and television shows. From State Farm to UberEATS, Burger King, and other major companies, you can see him enjoying his work and living life in front of the camera. His favorite part about being an actor is that he gets lots of love from people, and even gets plenty of treats from all around!

Introduction to State Farm commercials

State Farm is an American insurance company that has been around since 1922 and is currently one of the largest insurance companies in the world. But perhaps State Farm’s most iconic offerings are their commercials! The State Farm ads have featured many different actors, such as Dennis Haysbert and Patrick Warburton, but the one who stands out the most is their beloved mascot, a beagle named Max who has appeared in numerous commercials throughout the years.

Max is known for his signature bark and goofy attitude that always manages to put a smile on faces. His catchphrases such as “A number’s just a number” have become well known across America, not to mention his heartfelt moments with other animals like cats and birds make him simply adorable. From celebrity-filled TV ads to classic sitcom parodies, State Farm commercials are always sure to entertain viewers with Max’s lovable charm!

Who is the dog in the State Farm commercial?

The pooch in the popular State Farm commercials is an adorable white and tan French Bulldog, named Indigo!

Indigo has been featured in dozens seresto cat of State Farm commercials, commercials for Dunkin’ Donuts, and even a few movies. She’s a natural dog actor and loves being on-set with her human friends. She has an impressive social media presence with over 15K followers on Instagram!

Indigo was born in 2019 and was adopted from an animal rescue group about a year ago by her trainer, Tracy Layne. Tracy showed her off at Petco shows around Los Angeles before she eventually landed an audition for the State Farm commercial. Now she is the iconic face of State Farm Insurance!

History of the State Farm “Cha-Ching” campaign featuring the dog

State Farm’s iconic “Cha-Ching” campaign featuring a lovable dog has been airing since 2012. This charming ad campaign was created by The Martin Agency and revolves around the idea of celebrating a customer’s savings.

The commercial starts with State Farm customer driving home in their car and hearing the sound of “cha-ching” coming from inside their house. When they open the door, they find their pet Golden Retriever happily munching on a bone while bouncing coins around with his paws.

The ad quickly became popular as it resonates with people who are trying to save money and love their pets at the same time. It conveys the message that State Farm can help you be financially smart and take care of your family’s needs, so you can worry less about finances and enjoy more quality time with those closest to you.

Other celebrities featured in State Farm commercials

State Farm has created many memorable commercials over the years, thanks in part to the many celebrities they’ve featured in them. One of their most famous ads stars actor Paul Rudd as a State Farm agent. In this commercial, he helps customers save money with his financial advise and occasional one-liners.

In addition to Paul Rudd, other famous actors like Morgan Freeman and Anthony Anderson have also starred in State Farm commercials. And in recent years, J.K. Simmons has become a recognizable face in the company’s ad campaigns. He portrays an eccentric customer-service representative who loves to help people find the best insurance solutions for their needs.

Besides these well-known names, there are performers like Dirk Nowitzki and Peyton Manning who have graced TV screens in State Farm ads. Of course, let’s not forget the canine star that’s been seen throughout some of State Farm’s popular commercials: Daisy – an adorable golden retriever pup!

A look at what’s coming up next for State Farm commercials

The State Farm commercials have become a beloved part of many Americans’ lives, with their humorous and heartfelt messages about life, love, and insurance. The starring canine in the ads is a golden retriever-mix rescue named Ryder.

In an interview with Good Morning America, producer/writer Joe Pytka said that after seeing a few of the possibility candidates to play Ryder they all chose him because he was smart and photogenic.

State Farm recently announced a new series of commercials featuring Ryder. Each commercial will focus on the company’s commitment to their customers and the importance of providing excellent customer service. These new ads show everyone’s favorite pup getting into mischievous situations such as tying up a dog walker’s leash or playing fetch in his owner’s office!

State Farm hopes that these new commercials will bring more attention to Ryder and help spread its message even further. Fans can rest assured that Ryder still has plenty of comedic timing left to keep bringing smiles to people’s faces for years to come.


The answer to the question of “Who is the dog in the State Farm commercial?” can now be definitively answered. The canine star is a rescue pup named Ranger, who plays a memorable role in State Farm’s award-winning commercials. His easy charm and irresistible doggy smirk not only grabbed viewers’ attention but also helped put State Farm on the map!

But Rangers success isn’t just good news for fans; it’s also good news for rescues all over America. Companies like State Farm are helping to raise awareness that rescue pets can make wonderful pets with loads of love and loyalty. So if you’re looking for a pup with star quality, keep your eye out for Ranger or another pet from an animal shelter near you!


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